MGW Short Throw Shifter

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We at Stangnet heard a buzz, a murmuring that MGW had something new, something the market had never seen before??..well it’s true.? In one sentence we can summarize: The MGW shifter has set a new standard for the Mustang performance shifter industry!

From its unique design, to its rugged construction and excellent machining, this is fast becoming the shifter to have!? MGW Ltd., the brainchild behind Louis & George Ciamillo, has long been known for high quality.? MGW currently manufactures custom billet accessories for Corvettes, Mustangs, PT Cruisers, SVT Lightnings, and Dodge Vipers.? Now, taking innovative design and machining to another level, they introduce the MGW shifter.? This shifter is currently available for the popular T5/T45, TR3650, and T-56 transmissions.




The construction of this shifter is amazing!?? The thick base is hard coat black anodized, the handles are anodized (you decide on a ‘cruiser’ or ‘sport’ handle at purchase), the remaining parts of the shifter are polished stainless steel and the entire shifter is CNC machined!? The overall package is excellent, as MGW provides individual zip-locked bags for everything: the retaining bolts, the hex wrenches, spanner wrench, gasket, etc. and even comes with an extremely detailed 14 page set of instructions that include step-by-step procedures and detailed photos!? But don’t be fooled, while there are exclusive steps that need to be taken to install this performance shifter, it is a very straight-forward process.?


Setting the stops with set screws

Being able to?adjust the handle to position
you desire is easily done.




The finished product.? Nice comfortable
and precise shifting.



Upon my initial test drive with the new shifter I immediately noticed shorter shifts, and the 2-3 gear shift was almost effortless to make.? Something I didn’t notice was noise.? My previous aftermarket shifter transferred a good bit of noise whereas the MGW shifter is extremely quiet.? The feel of the shifts are quick, precise, and smooth, and with the ability to position the handle where it best suits the driver, it provides just that much more comfort and exclusivity.? This MGW shifter has to be the most sturdy I have ever encountered?? truly is a cut above the rest!?? ~CHarris



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