Cleaning The MAF Sensor

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user artDo you own a 1994-2000 Mustang GT? Have you experienced pinging or detonation at WOT? Well then, this might just be the fix for you! It seems that many of us that have installed a K&N filter just might have caused the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor to become dirty. K&N filters are pre-oiled and some of this oil will find its way onto the sensor causing the sensor to malfunction and in turn cause your engine to run lean at WOT.

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Cleaning The MAF Sensor

Now just a quick clarification, this is not the only cause for pinging, and if you own a 2001, it might be your high compression ratio that is causing the detonation. Ford seems to think that 87 Octane is fine for our cars, in fact on pg. 188 of the 2001 owners manual (some manuals will differ) Ford states:

“Your vehicle is designed to use “Regular” unleaded gasoline with pump (R+M)/2 octane rating of 87. We do not recommend the use of gasoline labeled as “Regular” that are sold with octane ratings of 86 or lower in high altitude areas. Do not be concerned if your engine sometimes knocks lightly. However, if it knocks heavily under most driving conditions while you are using fuel with the recommended octane, see your dealer or a qualified service technician to prevent any engine damage.”

Owners Guide, Mustang (2001 Model Year); Copyright 2000 Ford Motor Company

Now does anyone else find it odd that Ford says its ok for our engines to “knock lightly”? Well I did, and I took my 2000 GT to my dealer for a fix, and according to them Ford has informed all dealers that if any Mustang owner complains about knocking that they should instruct them to run 93 Octane gas or detune the engine. Now since I wasn’t informed of the possibility that this car would require a high-grade gasoline to run normally and since I won’t accept a retune and loss of performance others and myself decided to find a solution on our own.

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