Replacing Your 2001 Mach 460 Head Unit

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user articleMany Mustang owners in their quest for improving their rides decide to upgrade their already excellent sounding Mach 460 or Premium Sound stereos.  One option is to replace the head unit for one that offers more features, or is the basis for allowing future stereo modifications to progress more smoothly.  This article outlines the steps involved in replacing the stock head units in an ??01 Mustang.  Additional notes and wiring diagrams are also included for other year Mustangs and crossover frequencies.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion about the replacement of a Mach 460 head unit in a 2001 Mustang. I switched mine out with the help of many people on Stangnet, so I figured I??d compile all of my information together and post it. This may apply to the ??02 and ??03 setups, but I am not sure if the system is the same. Someone would have to verify that.

First, an overview of the system. The system consists of 4 tweeters, 4 subs, and 3 amps. I??m not positive on the size because I??ve never removed them. I believe the subs are 5x7s though. The first amp is actually contained within the head unit and runs all four tweeters. The second amp runs the front subs and the third runs the rear subs. The reason that things get interesting replacing the head unit is that you need to send an amplified signal and an un-amplified signal to the amps that run the subs.

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