Replacing Your 2001 Mach 460 Head Unit

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The key to the entire setup is the Metra harness. This is the ONLY harness on the market that is completely plug-and-play with the 2001 Mach 460 system. I purchased the best harness, which was originally recommended to me, and found out the hard way that it does not work.

When wiring the Metra harness to your radio, follow the following guidelines:

  • Combine all grounds from the Metra harnesses to the ground on your radio??s wiring harness.
  • Combine the amp turn-ons with the ignition-on power on your radio??s wiring harness.
  • Plug the RCAs from the back of your radio into the Metra harness. If you don??t have a low-pass crossover on your radio, you will need to plug the FMOD crossovers in here.
  • Wire the L/F+-, R/F+-, L/R+-, and R/R+- from your radio??s wiring harness to the corresponding wires on the Metra harness.

This will send an amplified signal to your tweeters. If you don??t have a high-pass crossover, you will need to put the bass blockers in here.

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