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Wheel Care


Wheels require care to maintain their factory finish. Typical road soils trap moisture that can cause corrosion over a period of time. Brake dust, caused by friction of your car’s braking system, is itself corrosive and can cause pitting of the wheels finish. These soils must be removed regularly, possibly weekly, depending on your driving habits. Your wheels finish should be treated as you would treat the finish of your car. Mild dish soap and water is all you need to properly clean your wheels. Other household cleaning agents are too harsh for the finish on your wheels and must be avoided. There are also a vast number of commercially available wheel cleaners on the market today, but we urge extreme caution regarding their use, since they tend to be acid or lye based.

Additional Tips – Never clean wheels when they are hot. Never spray cold water on extremely hot wheels. Always allow time to cool before cleaning with soap and water. To prevent scratching of the wheels’ finish, never clean your wheels with scouring pads. If you use automatic car washes, tell them not to use steam cleaners or strong chemicals to clean your wheels. They can cause permanent staining or corrosion. Use caution when cleaning tires with steel wool or a bristle brush. These types of abrasive materials must not come in contact with the wheels. Never allow any harsh chemicals or tire cleaner to come in contact with the wheels, as they can damage the appearance of the wheel permanently.

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