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Wheel Installation Instructions

Recommended Aftermarket Wheel Installation Procedures

Read your Owner’s Manual and the following installation instructions and warnings before installing wheels.

Failure to comply with these instructions and warnings could cause an unsafe condition and result in serious injury or death to the installer and/or occupants of the vehicle.

Maximum Load Rating & Maximum Tire Diameter

It is recommended that the load rating of a wheel as determined by the wheel manufacturer, either by a stamp on the actual wheel or in the wheel manufacturer’s literature, never be exceeded. If such a load rating is not available, it is recommended that the wheel not be used on vehicle. Wheel load rating requirements are determined by dividing the vehicle’s heaviest gross axle weight rating (G.A.W.R.) by 2. The axle weight rating for most vehicles is shown on the identification label located on driver’s side doorjamb, gas tank door, trunk lid or glove compartment. REGARDLESS OF THE TIRE’S MAXIMUM LOAD RATING, DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM LOAD RATING OF THE WHEEL.

Exceeding the maximum load rating or maximum tire diameter of the wheel is unsafe and could cause wheel failure, resulting in serious damage or injury. Each manufacturer has its own method of identifying a wheel’s maximum load rating and tire diameter – check back of wheel.

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