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Wheel Width

Choosing the wheel’s width is important in assuring customer satisfaction and to correct fitment, the wheel’s width also influences handling and ride quality. Always choose a rim width within the range of the tire’s acceptable rim width specifications. 

  • Choosing a wider rim: increases vehicular stability, steering response and cornering ability. A rule of thumb is to use a rim width 90% as wide as the tread width (not section width) of a performance tire for street applications. This provides a good balance between performance and ride quality. Always be sure that the chosen rim width is within the tire’s range of acceptable rim width specifications. 
  • Choosing a narrow rim: results in an improvement in ride quality, but may sacrifice the tire’s ultimate performance capabilities. 
  • Choosing a mid-range rim width: provides a balance between handling capabilities and ride quality.
An example of a proper application would be to use a 15" x 6" wheel for a 205/70VR15 tire. Never attempt to mix millimetric wheels and tires with standard inch wheels and tires. An improper application would be mounting a 200/60R390 size tire on any 15" wheel. A 390mm tire is designed to fit on a wheel with a diameter of approximately 15.35" with a non-standard bead seat.

According to RMA guidelines, there is a danger in installing a tire of one rim diameter on a rim of a different rim diameter. Always replace a tire on a rim with another tire of exactly the same rim diameter designation and suffix letters. For example: a 16" tire goes with a 16" rim. Never mount a 16" size diameter tire on a 16.5" rim. While it is possible to pass a 16" diameter tire over the lip or flange of a 16.5" size diameter rim, it cannot be inflated enough to position itself against the rim flange. If an attempt is made to seat the tire bead by inflating, the tire bead will break with explosive force and could cause serious injury or death.

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