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Vacuum Chrome Plating Impregnation / Metallizing

Vacuum chrome impregnation or metallizing on aluminum wheels is a more affordable alternative to standard chrome plating finish.

The finishing is almost as shiny and it is 100% as durable.

Vacuum impregnated aluminum wheels require little maintenance (regular wash with soap will keep the finish intact for years to enjoy). The biggest advantage is the substantially lower cost.

The Process

Cast aluminum wheels are placed in batches into a processing basket and then placed into a vacuum pressure vessel where a vacuum is drawn. This process evacuates all air within the microscopic voids within the casting wall, opening fine leak paths making the voids receptive to being filled.

Upon releasing the vacuum, a low-viscosity resin is then introduced filling the internal leak paths. (This process is much like a sponge being released under water.) In some processes, pressure is added at the end of the cycle driving the resin deeper into the part. After vacuum impregnation cycle, polymerization of the resin occurs via an anaerobic (in the absence of air) cure or thermal cure. Since polymerization only occurs in the absence of air, or the introduction of heat, all surface resin will be completely removed via an aqueous wash with original properties and appearance still intact.

After vacuum impregnation, the porosity networks are filled and permanently sealed. Surface applications, such as metal plating and paint applications, are enhanced due to potentially trapped chemicals being sealed out which can cause future blistering and discoloring.

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