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Hub-Centricity vs. Lug-Centricity

Another important consideration in the proper selection of custom wheels is the concept of hub-centricity. This refers to a situation where the center borehole of the wheel exactly matches the vehicle’s hub diameter. In other words, if the vehicle’s hub diameter is 56mm (e.g., Acura Integra), the wheel’s center borehole should be designed to match it perfectly.

When automobile manufacturers design a vehicle, they utilize hub-centric wheels so that: 

  • The wheels are positioned very precisely on the car.
  • The possibility of shifting while being mounted is minimized.
The alternative to a hub-centric wheel is known as lug-centric.

  • The wheels are located solely by the lug nuts rather than
    the wheel hub.
  • As the lug nuts are tightened, they adjust the wheel’s position relative to the hub, thus centering the wheel.
  • Properly torqued, the lug nuts continue to keep the wheel centered as the vehicle is driven.
Lug-centric wheels require extra care in mounting on a vehicle. When using shouldered nuts instead of tapered nuts, take extra care to properly locate the wheel. Never use air tools to install high performance wheels! Always use a torque wrench and follow accepted tightening procedures.

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