S197 Ford Mustang HURST Short Throw Shifter Install

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With the linkage and mounting hardware removed from the shifter, position the shifter assembly to allow it to be removed from inside the car. You will be glad you removed the rear metal mounting bracket from the bushing already, as it gives you more room to maneuver the shifter assembly through the opening.



removing stock shifter


removing stock shifter2


Place the shifter assembly on a workbench and remove the plastic bushings from the linkage mounting point. They just pull out. Lightly lubricate them and install both of them in the HURST assembly.


removing linkage bushings


Next, remove the metal sleeves from the front mount. It may be easier to remove the rubber bushing and the sleeve as one unit, and then remove the sleeve from the rubber bushing. There are 2 sleeves, one for each side.


removing front mount


Install the sleeves into the HURST assembly. Don’t install the rear metal mounting bracket yet, this will give you more room to work while installing the shifter assembly.


installing sleeves


Once assembled, you can compare the Hurst shifter to the stock shifter.

side by side comparison


Insert the HURST assembly into the shifter opening. If you leave the rear mounting bracket off, then it much easier to fit through the hole. Maneuver the shifter assembly through the hole and into position. A helper may be useful for this step.


inserting hurst


inserting hurst 2


Under the vehicle, loosely attach the front mount using the bolt you removed from the stock shifter assembly.

front mount loosely attached


Reattach the rear metal mounting bracket onto the rear bushing and loosely install the nuts.

rear mount loosely attached


Lubricate the shift linkage stem. Reattach the shifter linkage. The offset side (long side) of the shifter base should be on the driver’s side. Use thread locker to prevent the linkage nut from vibrating loose. Install the nut, but do not tighten it down quite yet. Tighten up the front and rear shifter mounting hardware. Be sure you don’t over torque the rear mounting nuts to prevent breaking the studs. Now you can tighten the linkage nut.


linkage with threadlocker


Back in the car, reinstall the shifter dust seal. It may be easier to install if you remove the console.


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