S197 Ford Mustang HURST Short Throw Shifter Install

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CONSOLE REMOVAL: Remove the 2 screws from the top rear of the console, under the lid. Remove only the 2 outer Phillips screws. Gently pull up on the top of the console. There are four clips that should easily pop out, two in the middle, near cup holders, and two at the front. Lift the top of the console over the parking brake handle.


console removal rear


Remove the carpet from inside the storage compartment of the console. Remove the two 10mm nuts. Remove the two 7mm screws from the front of the console. Remove the console bottom half.


console removal front


After the dust seal is installed and console is re-installed, attach the HURST handle with the supplied fasteners. The attaching hardware is 7/32” hex. Make sure the grooves on the shifter base engage with the grooves on the handle. Torque the bolts down using the specified torque in the instructions. Check the shifter’s operation. Make sure it engages all gears and freely moves side to side in neutral. Make sure there is no binding in the linkage.


handle and seal installed


Install the shifter boot adapter by sliding it onto the HURST handle.


installing adapter


Install the shifter boot, securing it to the HURST stick and the console.


boot installed


Install the jamb nut onto the HURST stick, and then install the shift knob. When you have the knob positioned to your preference, tighten the jamb nut.




After the installation, the shifts are much shorter and more precise. The shifter feels solid and well balanced, making shifts crisp. Some have complained of increased noise from the gearbox, but we noticed little to no increase. Each gear engages smoothly, with little effort. Adding a short throw shifter to your Ford Mustang will make driving a tad more exciting and will help you feel more confident in your shifting ability.




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