Reveling in the Reveal: 2010 Mustang Debut

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2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

Well, all of the excitement built up over the past months finally came to a head this week with Ford’s official revealing of the 2010 Ford Mustang in Los Angeles. We told you we’d cover the event via Twitter and we’d also fill you in on some exclusive perspectives from the show, so this is it!  Inside, we have a synopsis of the trip from Motor City to LA, an overview of the actual debut event, and as always, some images from the scene of the crime. Hope you enjoy–we certainly did!

Reveal Day

2010 Mustang – Not just a design lift, but an industry lift.  This Ford Media effort seeks to energize not only their own product offerings, but to also energize a struggling industry.  They are not seeking a quick JOLT in momentum, but long-term enthusiasm and involvement.

The Mustang 2010 Reveal experience began for me at the external hangars at Metro Airport, where corporate charters and corporate planes reside.  I entered the terminal filled with journalists and photographers and of course Ford executives; it was like entering an old high school or college reunion.  This was a band of brothers together again for yet another new product release, chock full of smiles, laughter, and warm hellos of old friends.  But this is not just another product release…this could be a new beginning for an industry in dire straits or conversely, the last hopeful attempts to organize a sinking ship before it is submerged.

The tone of the participants I saw was positive and energetic, focused on the notable feats of the industry.  There was very little buzz about the chats to come with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

As I approached the stairs of the sleek Fokker 70, I entered with cautious enthusiasm wondering what the next two days would bring.  I stepped into the plane decorated with a Ford Blue interior, and was overwhelmed with blue-blooded Ford optimism.  This sensation was a completely opposite feel compared to the overall buzz of Detroit; a prime example that automotive enthusiasm still exists!  Now the million dollar question comes to mind…just how powerful of a punch can the 2010 Mustang produce?  I find myself pondering the possible answers to this question as I jet into the sky.

After quickly getting settled in the spacious setting of the Fokker 70, I saw the stewardesses preparing a meal fit for a small army.  Sandwiches, wraps, fresh fruit, raw veggies, cheese, crackers, cookies, brownies and a lot more, I’m sure.  Was I at some fine dining establishment or on a plane…right, a corporate plane.  Our meal was followed by a brief stop in Nebraska for a touchdown in the Heartland and a quick shot of fuel.  Maybe some of that optimistic Midwest American dream will carry on with us to the Golden State.

How do these executives determine whether to move to survival mode with just the bare necessities in tack or plant the fields with new products to encourage a growth of future harvests?  Question, questions…more of them around than answers.

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

Reveal Day Plus 1

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

Last night was amazing, so I’ll keep it as concise as I can.  Here are few of the highlights:

  • Carroll Shelby was there and spoke about how excited he is to work with Ford on for yet another Shelby Mustang.
  • During the presentation they ran the top short movies that originally debuted on
  • They gave a car away to Kory Chesher, the US Soldier who wrote a the winning story about his Mustang experience.
  • As one would expect, there were Mustang fans everywhere.  Local Mustang clubs and owners paraded to the event to display their rides in homage to the American Legend.
  • They highlighted that the Mustang has been an non-stop tradition for over 40 years, with breaks in production or loss of popularity.

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

The 2010 Mustang display was so cool.  They had 12 famous Mustangs from the beginning of the legacy on display, neatly stacked like matchbox cars.  Joe DaSilva, Tommy Kendall, Jerry Titus, Carroll Shelby, John Force, Ashley Force, Lyn St. James and lots of others were there, giving the audience a complete perspective on their personal success stories with the Ford Mustang.

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

They also had the winner of the Mustang short film story, “Father’s Day”, on-site to exhibit his work of art.  Jonathan Newman was all grins the whole time the video was played back.  I especially enjoyed the line, “Saddle her up son…”.  This video exhibited a great story and a Jonathan is a well-deserved winner.

2010 Ford Mustang Reveal at 2008 LA Auto Show

The overall experience was amazing; a true once in a lifetime opportunity to see the excitement behind the new Mustang and its fan base.  I’d definitely say the car is full of tasteful, yet modern updates to a already great design.  Ford took some of the shortcomings from the first generation S197 platform and progressed it on to the next level.  Below are a few of my observations about the changes I witnessed at the debut.


  • One piece soft-touch instrument panel
  • Full 360 degree cluster rings with heritage conical lenses
  • New aluminum instrument panel trim and steering-wheel badge
  • Unique seat sew styles with coordinating door inserts
  • Ambient interior lighting and of course, MYColor


  • All-new wheel designs
  • LED sequential taillights
  • Fog Lamps
  • Key colored exterior mirrors


  • 4.6L V8 with 325lb ft of torque and new Ford Racing options that will deliver up to 500hp
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