2010 Mustang Performance Parts Catalog Released

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2010 Mustang Performance Parts Catalog

After all of the excitement seemed to be cooling down at the 2010 Mustang reveal in LA, Ford made sure to keep everyone’s attention piqued with an attractive display of Mustangs customized with new Ford Performance Parts for the mildly redesigned car. Ranging from dress-ups to handling packages and of course, some power enhancing pieces, it seems Ford isn’t one to let us down easy on this exciting ride to the 2010 and beyond. Many people were a bit disappointed at the fact there were no monumental powertrain changes, but the release of the Ford Performance Parts lineup makes the bitter pill a little easier to swallow. Check out more inside.

It’s no question that Ford Mustang enthusiasts are avid fans of uniqueness and personal reflection when it comes to changing the performance and appearance of their cars. From the beginning, Ford let every owner pick from an array of options from the factory, allowing for each car to be easier to bond with from an ownership perspective and also (perhaps more importantly) not be a clone of every other Mustang on the road.

“Mustang is more than a car — it’s a way of life. No two Mustangs are alike because Mustang is the most customized and modified car in America,” stated Brian Wolfe, Ford Racing Technology director. “Whether it’s drag racing, road racing, drifting, club events, or just a daily driver, we at Ford help enthusiasts create their own ‘my Mustang’ story.”

At the LA Auto Show, Ford brought in a Kona Blue V6 Mustang which was fitted with the Ford Racing Handling Package as well as a Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter. Next in line was a Mustang GT, lacquered in Torch Red, and was also equipped with the GT Ford Racing Handling Package. Taking it up a notch further, Ford also brought along another Mustang GT in Candy Red that included the addition of the Ford Racing polished supercharger, bolstering the engine’s horsepower rating to just over 400hp. Lastly, there was a Sterling Grey GT convertible tilted on its side to exhibit all of its underpinnings and just how much Ford is offering in the customizable aftermarket for the Mustang.

“Mustang is the heart and soul when it comes to driving performance parts business,” said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing Technology manager. “The parts for Mustang are grounded in championship-winning engineering and race-proven experience. They are the perfect platform for enthusiasts to customize, personalize, and enhance their Mustangs for the street or track.”

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