New Ford Mustang Dress-Up Products from UPR

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New UPR Ford Mustang Products

Just ahead of the tax time rush, several key aftermarket players focused on the Ford Mustang have a few treats to unleash to the hibernating fan base. UPR Products recently gave us a firsthand look at a few dress up items they are excited to unveil. These dress-up parts for the S197 Ford Mustang are just the beginning of their continued aftermarket penetration. Keep reading to get a good look at these new Ford Mustang products from UPR and get the official descriptions for each of them.

Billet Catch Can Kit

UPR Products introduces its Billet Catch Can Kit for 1979-09 Mustangs. Machined from solid billet aluminum, the can filters out and prevents oil from contaminating the intake air charge, a major cause of detonation. The can is especially useful on power adder combinations where excessive crankcase pressure is a problem. The unique two-piece design enables easy filter cleaning and oil disposal. The UPR Billet Catch Can kit comes with all necessary hardware and fittings for easy installation. It is available in either a brushed satin or highly polished finish.

Billet Lock Switch Cover

Dress Up your 2005-09 Mustang Interior with UPR’s new Billet Lock Switch Covers. The switch covers come in a highly polished finish and feature lock and unlock logos on the faces. They are supplied in pairs and come complete with adhesive for an easy 5 minute installation.

Billet Battery Hold Down Kit

UPR’s Billet Aluminum Battery Hold Down Kit brings your 2005-09 Mustang under hood appearance to a new level. The Kit is precision machined from billet aluminum to insure a perfect fit, and includes all hardware necessary for easy installation. It is available in either brushed satin or mirror polished finish.

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