Steeda Releases Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

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Steeda Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

With the omnipresent risk of supercharger belt slip, many Ford Mustang owners loathe the notion of power loss and even worse, a broken belt.  Steeda Autosports has developed a noteworthy solution to this widespread dilemma with their Steeda Supercharger Belt Drive system for Whipple superchargers.  The new Steeda Belt Drive setup, when tested, showed improved boost pressure (12 to 13 psi) from the standard rating of the Whipple’s 10psi; illustrating the reduction in belt slip.  When a Whipple-blown Mustang is pushed even harder, the pulley setup also has a retention wall for the belt to keep it in place and out of harm’s way, pulling and generating the power it was meant to rather than becoming an expensive underhood bull whip.  Keep reading to get the full scoop from Steeda and check out their Whipple Belt system in action.

Press Release

Introducing Steeda’s Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

It’s no secret that many supercharger systems on the market suffer from unavoidable belt slip that either robs your vehicle of power or, in the worst case scenario, results in a broken belt that leaves you with a complete loss of forced induction power and requires unnecessary repairs.

Leave it to the speed demons at Steeda Autosports to design, engineer, and build the VERY BEST belt drive available anywhere – the Steeda Supercharger Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers.

It is a commonly known fact that Whipple Gen II Superchargers are the most efficient means of dramatic power increases on today’s modern engines. With Whipple’s unique 3/5 rotor profile, Whipple flows more air in smaller packages, at lower temperatures, and drastically lower parasitic drag than any other supercharger system in the market, (learn more here). No other positive displacement supercharger compares to the potential airflow at such a lower compressor rpm. The Whipple Generation II rotor profile has raised the performance bar again, with increased flow across the board, yet the identical rotor diameter and length, allowing even better packaging.

When the Whipple supercharger is combined with the Steeda Supercharger Belt Drive System, you simply have THE VERY BEST drive available anywhere or on any other supercharger in the market today. Designed for the 4.6L Ford V8 engine, this set-up will outperform other systems in the market because it is designed for harsh abuse and punishing service under the hood by engineers that really understand what speed and efficiency are all about – Steeda.

Our own internal testing has confirmed that when installed, it increases boost pressure to 12-13 psi from the standard intercooled 10 psi of the Whipple and keeps the belt from slipping due to its increased power transmission capacity. The result is consistent boost pressures because belt slippage is eliminated. In addition, the retention walls on the pulleys keep the belt in place better so the belt can’t “walk” over the edge of the pulley like other systems may do under extreme conditions. In order to maximize potential, this set-up also includes an underdrive pulley for the rest of the accessories which frees up even more power.

While others supercharger systems offer less efficient superchargers on their vehicles, their drive systems are further compromised by their inherent designs of their drive systems. Brand “A” uses an 8 rib design and Brand “B” has cut costs by using just a 6-rib design with stock boost pressures of only 4 or 5 psi. By having our unique pulleys and tensioning system, a 10 rib belt, and a design that dedicated the drive pulley to drive only the supercharger and not other accessories, you have the proper combination of extreme engineering that will never let you down on the street, track, or drag strip. Take one look at the various components that comprise this system and even the untrained eye will realize that it is far superior to ANY other system.

Steeda – Where Speed Matters

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