U-turn: back to the 45th Ford Mustang Anniversary

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Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary celebration
2010 Classic Design Concepts front spoiler featured.

After this past whirlwind of a weekend, we have barely had enough time to sit down, reflect, and think about what just happened at the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the Ford Mustang in Birmingham.  Now, on a Monday afternoon, it’s all starting to soak in.  We ran into thousands of Mustang fans, hundreds of vendors, hung out at the CDC booth (assisted in some installations!), caught some sweet racing at Barber, and of course, caught a feast for the eyes (hot cars) as well as the belly (good, down-home cooking).  Most importantly, we were able to share about 95% of the 45th Mustang Anniversary LIVE with you, the Ford Mustang enthusiast community.  Between our twitter coverage and live video, we did our best to make sure fans were able to see what they wanted to, regardless of attending the celebration.

Overall, the turnout at the event was fantastic.  Vendor booths were absolutely packed.  The live racing, despite the threat of the weather, was incredible.  So, if you missed out on the video coverage, you can certainly check out our tweets from the event via the twitter coverage link above.  If you want to get a few more pieces of eye candy to satisfy the sweet tooth, check out the following image gallery, courtesy of StangNet.com.

Official StangNet Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration image gallery – April 2009

Now, for something a bit more non-traditional on StangNet: we wanted to share with you some never-seen-before Mopar images.  This collector owns currently 21 out of about 68 known 1971 Dodge Charger R/T Hemis.  The gold Dodge Daytona pictured was previously owned by the owner of the LA Times.  Most, if not all of these Mopars will be housed at the new Mopar Museum in Alexander City, AL opening October 31st of this year!  There is a killer story of how the night we got these pictures unfolded but we will save that for a later date.

Official StangNet Mopar Madness image gallery – April 2009

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