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S197 Ford Mustang car cover

Spring is upon most of us (sorry polar people) and the time to break the Ford Mustang out of its slumber is here.  Most Mustang fans that don’t daily-drive their pony cars have a garage or at least try to keep their ride(s) covered up somehow to avoid the detrimental elements.  If you don’t have a cover for the storage of your car, be it inside or outside, then we have a neat treat for you.  If you do have a cover, well, you might take a second look at the latest from Photo Car Covers.  They have a unique product, indeed, as their covers are completely personalized to match your ride!  Photo Car Covers utilize a breathable material that is printed with a digital photo of your choosing, so you can exhibit your car even while it’s covered up!  Check out more in the official Press Release.

Press Release

Photo Car Covers – The ultimate way to personalize Your Car!

Photo Car Covers is a unique dust cover made with breathable enviro-tex material. Using digital photo printing technology, the Photo Car Cover is a printed and custom made replica of your car, allowing you to showcase the car’s beauty while protecting it.

Handmade, one of a kind, custom printed and sewn exclusively for your car. Made in USA.

Pricing is determined by the square footage of material needed for your car and is unique for each car. Call or visit the website for more information about pricing.

Also – Photo Car Covers can create custom, waterproof bike covers, using the same technology as the car covers. Cover your bike…with your bike!

Photo Car Covers, Inc. –  www.

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