1971 Ford Mustang with 619,284.5 miles and counting

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Richard Fuchs in his 1971 Ford Mustang

No.  It isn’t a typo.  You are setting eyes upon a man and his faithful Ford Mustang–one that’s served him well for almost 40 years.  With the hopes of putting 400,000 miles on his pony car when he bought it brand new for $3,310, Richard Fuchs has more than broken his own record; he’s set the bar…quite high.  Fuchs is a crafty inventor by trade and a passionate hobbyist by method.  He holds several patents for his inventions and if you take a trip to visit the keen fellow, you’ll be sure to see plenty of eye-widening tinkerings.  Over the years in his 1971 Ford Mustang, Fuchs has sought to achieve what most muscle or pony car owners never care to: fuel economy.  By keeping his car clean, maintained, and caring for every minute detail, he’s been able to keep his Mustang efficient and mostly original over the last 38 years.  Hop over to the NY Times to get the full story…it’s one worth sharing.

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