Ford Mustang to join the NASCAR scene

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2010 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang

We might best fit the description of  “moderate” NASCAR fans, as we’ve never been all that excited to see Fusions, Chargers, and Camrys circling the track for hundreds of miles these past few years.  That’s about to change.  The folks over at FOX Sports recently reported that Ford has plans to introduce the Ford Mustang into the Nationwide Racing Series next year.  The news comes now, a bit on the early side, because the new templates and designs are required to be submitted for approval on June 26th and the 2010 NASCAR competition is supposedly going to be very close to stock in the visual cues department…at least much closer than the aero-styled cars we’ve been accustomed to for almost ten years.  Dodge has stated they are going to have the Challenger designed and slated for the series as well.  General (Government) Motors?  They passed on producing a Camaro shell to race underneath and will stick with their current Impala setup, while Toyota will also follow the stale suit and stick with their Camry paneling.

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