Reed at Full Speed – a 700hp Twin Turbo Ford Mustang

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Reed Speed SSE Ford Mustang

Somehow, the folks at Reed Speed were able to take a Ford Mustang and squeeze in two turbochargers, 700hp, and some killer looks. Their “signature edition” 2010 Ford Mustang GT is set to take the aftermarket by storm via Randall Reed stores and a few destined Ford dealerships across the nation. The turbocharged pony car dubbed the Reed Speed SSE, is a collaboration with Artisan Performance and included a completely revamped power plant, suspension modifications, and a custom body kit.

Now for the gritty details… The power plant is a fully-reworked block with forged rods, new pistons, and Total Seal rings all good for a final compression ratio low enough to gracefully accept a healthy dosage of boost: 12 psi of twice-cooled air. The source of this pressurized air is a pair of Artisan Rear Mounted turbochargers. The overall setup, according to Reed’s testing, is good for about 700 horsepower.

To help stop the show when required, the OEM brake system has been upgraded to 14-inch rotors with six-piston calipers by SSBC. Wrapping up the new discs is a set of 20″ iForged wheels that are 11″ wide on the front end and 13″ out back. Topped off with a custom body kit and a one of a kind two-tone BASF paint scheme, the Reed Speed SSE is sure to capture a few people’s attention wherever it goes roars.

The details behind pricing and availability have not yet been released, but the limited production run is expected to available for enjoyment sometime this summer.

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