2009 Saleen Club of America Nationals

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Saleen Club of America National Meet

Heads up, Saleen Ford Mustang owners & fans…the annual Saleen Club of America Saleen Nationals are coming very soon.  The 2009 gathering is slated to be held in Castle Rock, CO on July 31st through August 2nd.  Last year held host to every Saleen Mustang era including some special one-off restoration projects.  There’s a lot in store for this year, so if you’re interested, save the date!  For more details about what all is involved, keep reading to get a recap on last year’s event.

News Release

Mark your calendars now!!! Each year, the Saleen Club of America hosts the Saleen Nationals. The 2009 Saleen Nationals will be held in Castle Rock, CO on July 31st – August 2nd. Will this be the year that eclipses 100 Saleens at an event…only you can help achieve it!

At last year’s event there were foxes, SN95s, S197s and several SPECIALTY Saleens for everyone to gawk at – including Tony Brodzeller’s ’85 #127 and Marc Allen’s ’85 #17. These two cars are a perfect example of a restoration “before & after”.

Last year was started with a tour of the fabulous Skillman Collector Car Museum, which words just can’t describe. If 200+ Barrett Jackson quality cars doesn’t get you excited, then you cannot call yourself a true “gearhead.” From there everyone cruised to scenic Nashville, IN via the ever popular and twisty SR-135. Once into the park, everyone hit the Abe Martin Lodge for a good ole’ country-style lunch buffet. Then it was off to cruise the park and hit some of the scenic overlooks for plenty of photo opps. At about 3pm seven more Saleens from the Southeast Big Drive met up with us in the park for a short parking lot chat, then it was time to corral ‘em all up and head back up SR-135, with a small detour on another twisty road cutting over to Franklin, IN and then back up to the host hotel for the Welcome Party.

Once everyone was stuffed to the gills of McQ’s pizza, it was out to the parking lot for Round #1 of Trailer Park Talks. Most of the members probably had no idea what this meant, but they quickly learned that its just a bunch of car guys kicking back in their folding chairs, enjoying some adult beverages and chatting about cars…in this case Saleens of course! The gathering went FAR into the night

The REAL show kicked off Saturday morning. Most cars rolled in before the 9am Registration time! All told there were 106 vehicles, with 84 of them being Saleens. An honorary count going to our dear friend Gary Alsobrooks (we know he was smiling down on us from above in his ’85 #49 Big Wing) the official Saleen count was 85. Not too shabby for a club in its fifth year of existence! The fox cars were the dominant breed, with 52 total cars – including Steve’s (3) four-eyed race cars (#19, #29 and #49) These were strategically parked in the Saleen, Inc. corner, next to the new generation Dan Gurney car. Special thanks to the Saleen Ranch guys of Indianapolis (Stu Akers, Marc Allen and Ken McDowell) for bringing ~25 of their extensive collection of fox bodied Saleens! And thanks to everyone else who went through the logistical troubles of bringing two vehicles to the show!

Brent White of Brenspeed was on hand with nine of his friends in their modified S197 Mustang GT’s. I think it is safe to say there was probably 5000hp or better on the back row of the show lot! Justin Davis of Obsessive Detail was also on hand as a vendor, along with Mark LaMaskin of Performance Autosport, and of course Saleen, Inc. Ray Skillman Performance Ford did a fantastic job as show host, with a big empty lot waiting for everyone and of course providing plenty of burgers, dogs and refreshments. The Skillman Collector Car Museum was open during the event for everyone to enjoy – and to cool off a bit. There were tons of door prizes and plenty of Saleen goodies for sale at the main tent. All in all the Saturday show was a huge success!

Saturday evening sixty Saleen owners packed into The Oaken Barrel for a wonderful Ribs & Chicken buffet. Then they hopped in the Saleens and took a one mile stroll down to the famous cruise-in at The Suds in downtown Greenwood, IN. People definitely took notice as a line of ~25 Saleens cruised in one after another. We parked at the top of the hill and took in the sight of 100’s of cars of all varieties. From there they reversed the route and did one last “Saleen Cruise” through The Suds on the way back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel, Round #2 of Trailer Park Talks was well underway. Everyone joined an already large circle of folks.

Sunday morning obviously came a little early (can’t imagine why?!) – but it was a beautiful morning to pack up the Saleens, everyone said their round of goodbyes and of course hit the long road home….well most did. Saleen owners came in from as far away as Georgia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado. We had folks fly in from as far as California and Arizona too!

We hope you can make it to this year’s event!

If you would like to attend or register for this year’s event in Castle Rock, CO, please email [email protected] or log onto www.saleenclubofamerica.com

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