Unexpected Turn – a Ford Mustang Unleashed story

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2010 Ford Mustang unleashed father son story

A faithful following seems to make a legend all the more enticing and solid.  The fans (and freaks) behind the Ford Mustang never cease to amaze us with their stories of adventure, triumph, and awesomeness.  One such story on the heartwarming side, is of Joseph Cram (Hot Rod Joe to his friends) and his father, Ralph Cram.  They had always longed to take their rebuilt 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe out on the open roads of the USA for a grand father-son event to remember.

Then the economy took an unexpected turn.  Joe and his father were forced to part with their beloved ’68 Mustang and left behind a gaping hole in their hearts.  Now, 16 years after the prior departure, Joe and Ralph were given the chance to take a road trip from Houston to Detroit to take part in the renowned Woodward Dream Cruise, rolling down the roadways in a 2010 Mustang convertible.  Keep reading to check out the Cram’s story, as it’s just one of many epic Mustang chronicles in the series of Ford’s “The 2010 Unleashed” program.  More official details and other stories can be read & seen at the2010mustang.com.

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