2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang undressed before SEMA

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2010 Saleen S281

2010 Saleen S281

We told you just weeks ago, we’d be back to bring you more of the 2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang, so here we are.  With the “sanctioned” debut set for SEMA in Las Vegas, Saleen Performance Vehicles decided today to release some more images of the Saleen ‘Stang to keep the excitement rolling.  So far, nothing has been released as far as specific details on the sleek pony car, but from what we can see, this definitely appears to have the shaping of a Mustang worthy of the Saleen nameplate.  Wonder what Steve’s thinking right now…

We’ll bring more of this 2010 Saleen to you as we catch it, as the SEMA show and its onslaught of Ford Mustang madness will surely keep everyone on their toes, looking for their very own “best in show” from this fall’s aftermarket expo.  Enjoy the images for now; Saleen will have to feed us more later!

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