Grab ‘n Go! Ninosport Shift Knob with LeMans Stripes for the Ford Mustang

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Ninosport LeMans shift ball

The team at Ninosport Mustang Performance & Styling parts has just released a classic race-inspired Retro Shifter Ball with LeMans Stripes.  It is designed to fit nicely inside any 2005 through 2010 Ford Mustang equipped with a manual transmission with the stock shifter still in place.  The LeMans Stripe shifter ball itself is crafted from a high quality resin just like the material used in competition billiard balls, so it is made to last a lifetime.  This resin, aside from its good looks, is also quite functional in the respect that it protects the Mustang pilot’s hand from heat and cold transfer, resulting in improved driver comfort.  Keep reading to get the rest of the details in the Press Release from Ninosport!

Press Release

Retro-Style Shift Knob with LeMans Stripes!

Ninosport Mustang Performance & Styling parts retailer is proud to announce our newest product for the Mustang enthusiast. The race inspired Retro Shift Ball with LeMans Stripes.

The race inspired Retro Shift Ball with LeMans Stripes is a must have for those 2005-2010 Mustang enthusiast with a stock shifter and manual 5 or 6 speed transmission that want to add a special unique touch to the stock shift knob and at the same time gain a very comfortable grip to further preventing missed gears. This Retro Shift Knob is unlike any shift knob on the market and its sure to make your Mustang, whether a daily driver or a competition show car, stand out!

The Retro Shift Ball is manufactured using the highest quality resin, the same high quality resin used in competition billiard balls. The use of this high quality resin results in a very durable shift knob that will literally last a lifetime, and also helps absorb heat and cold. So in the winter or in the summer you won’t grip a shift knob that will be to cold or hot to grip.

Another great feature of the Retro Shift Ball are the LeMans Stripes. The stripes have not been painted, which would eventually rub off over the years. These stripes are actually part of the entire shift ball. The stripes go completely through the ball so if there is an unfortunate nick on the stripe, you won’t lose the color. The shift pattern is also another great feature, it is engraved not painted. Painted shift patters will rub-off over time leaving you with a plain colored shift ball. The Retro Shift Ball with LeMans Stripes shift pattern are engraved into the actual ball then painted with a special paint that is designed to endure a lifetime of gripping.

For more information or to purchase The Retro-Style Shift Ball with LeMans stripes visit Ninosport Mustang Performance and Styling Parts which can be found or by calling 1-866-646-6776 Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm CST.

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