Brothers Performance Battle of the Brands

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If you are in the mood for a good December car show and think the only thing cooler than snow is sand, then buckle up.  Brothers Performance is set to host a “Battle of the Brands” car show at their Daytona Beach, Florida, facility.  Over 1,000 participants are expected and will include all years and styles of Ford, Mopar, and GM cars.  There will also be a dyno challenge with two $250 cash prizes as well as trophies and other cool show swag.  The first 500 to show up will get a free Brothers T-shirt (choice of Ford, Mopar, GM) also.  Last, but not least, there is a standing offer of 10% off most new items and up to 50% off of select used and blow-out products on December 12th.  If you’re in the area, check out the show!  If you’re not, well, the Internet has airfare deals as well, so get to clickin’…
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