Brawl with the Best in the 2010 Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition

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2010 Steeda Q550 - Streetfighter Edition

2010 Steeda Q550 - Streetfighter Edition

What’s better than a Ford Mustang that can tear up the track, terrorize small children, and leave a gaping grin on a driver’s face?  A Mustang that can do it and still have the domesticated touches to make it tolerable for daily driving duties.  Steeda Autosports took their 2010 Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition Mustang to the LA Auto Show and unleashed a barrage of upgrades to the already capable pony car by Ford.  A Watts Link suspension, 0 – 60 in under 4 seconds, and solid 11 second 1320 passes are just a few of the tasty goodies the Steeda Q550 Mustang has to offer.

The Steeda Q550 is also bolstered in power thanks to a Ford Racing / Whipple supercharger system which (quite notably) is still emissions compliant in all 50 of the grand United States.  By the way, yes, the “550” in the Steeda Q550 nameplate is a statement of how much power this car produces.

So how does this latest monster Mustang from Steeda get it done?  Keep reading to find out!

Press Release

The Los Angeles Auto Show was the forum for the world debut of an all-new ultimate street performance vehicle: The 2010 Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition. Destined to reign supreme in the Pony Wars – this high performance muscle machine is part of our continuous evolution of Steeda Autosports building the best performing Mustangs available anywhere. Conceived as the ideal Mustang that can be comfortably driven daily, it has all the necessary equipment to be a weekend warrior on the racetrack/drag-strip without worry.

Equipped with the most extensive amount of standard suspension upgrades we have ever included on one of our production vehicles – including our Watt’s Link Suspension system – this performance Mustang can easily pull 1.2gs, and with it’s broad range of brutal power it has on demand, it can rip off 0-60 times that are less than 4 seconds with quarter mile times comfortably in the 11 second range. There is simply no other serialized Mustang available today that offers the performance, styling, and performance attitude that this Mustang has.

“The Steeda Q550 Streetfighter achieves its massive power output from the Ford Racing/Whipple Supercharger assembly. We selected the Ford Racing/Whipple supercharger application because it provides its power reliably over a broad rpm range on 93 octane fuel and is fully 50 state emission legal”, commented Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports. “Delivering smooth power throughout the power curve is what this power package provides and it is a perfect power source for the Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition. When mated with our unique performance pulley system and our other engine performance enhancements, this package really delivers the mail!

Jamie Allison, Ford Racing Performance Group Manager adds: “Dario Orlando and the entire team at Steeda Autosports have been a longtime and valued partner of Ford Racing and have many aftermarket offerings to choose from. We are excited and proud that they chose the FR 550HP supercharger to power their new Q550 Streetfighter Edition”.

In addition to the supercharger assembly, the Q550’s powertrain also is equipped with:

  • Steeda custom engine calibration
  • Steeda 11-13 psi belt drive kit
  • Steeda Tri-Ax® Shifter
  • Speed of Sound A-Pillar gauge cluster with Aeroforce gauges

Engine power is just part of the success story about the Q550 Streetfighter. While the exterior shares the same aerodynamic body modifications of the Q350 with the unique Steeda front fascia with openings for front brake duct cooling, the facia also incorporates unique vented openings for additional cooling. Additional exterior enhancements include:

  • Steeda rear spoiler tuned for maximum down force with the least amount of aerodynamic drag
  • Steeda rear fascia that exhausts air from under the vehicle with extreme aero efficiency and minimal aerodynamic drag
  • Unique Steeda vented hood that exhausts the hot power robbing engine heat out and over the hood into the vehicle’s slipstream with amazing efficiency.

“The real beauty of this performance monster lies underneath the vehicle. That is where we deployed every performance handling trick we have in our arsenal” commented Steve Chichisola, Master Mechanic/Technician at Steeda Autosports. “We have integrated the knowledge base we acquired over the last 21 continuous years of building high performance Mustangs – more than any other Mustang aftermarket modifier – all into one fully cohesive package where ALL the parts are perfectly tuned to work in harmony towards delivering maximum suspension performance.” The suspension modifications include:

  • Steeda/Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts
  • Steeda Upper Strut Mount Kit
  • Steeda Adjustable 3rd-Link Trailing Arm Kit
  • Steeda Lower Trailing Arm relocation brackets
  • Steeda Billet Lower Trailing Arms
  • Steeda X5 Ball Joint Kit
  • Steeda Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar billet endlinks
  • Steeda Adjustable Front Swaybar
  • Steeda Watts Linkage kit
  • Steeda 3-point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace Kit

The interior is yet another area where this vehicle speaks performance. Inside you will find it’s interior very sleek, athletic, and totally ready for aggressive driving. From the illuminated Steeda doors sills that greet you when you open the door, the interior includes the following performance related amenities:

  • A thick, Alcantara leather wrapped steering wheel assures a firm and secure grip during performance maneuvers
  • Body hugging, adjustable, leather covered, carbon fiber backed Steeda Sport Seats
  • Safecraft Safety Equipment 6-Point Safety Harness
  • Safecraft fire extinguisher system
  • Four-point, leather wrapped DOM steel roll bar with cross bracing
  • Steeda floor mats

To plant the power to the pavement and also to ensure secure stopping power during the most aggressive conditions, the Q550 Streetfighter includes:

  • HRE Monoblock P40 wheels (20” x 9.5” front, 20” x 11” rear) with a brushed finish
  • Nitto NT05 High Performance tires (275/35 front, 315/35 rear)
  • Steeda/Baer 6-Piston High Performance Brake Package (six piston front –and- six piston rear brakes) with 15” crossed drilled and slotted rotors

The Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition will be available in the 1st quarter of 2010 from select Steeda Autosports authorized dealers. Look for additional updates in the near future regarding pricing and availability of this limited edition performance vehicle.

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