NASCAR driver approved – the 2010 Roush 427R

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2010 Roush 427R Mustangs at the track

What’s one of the ultimate blessings you could receive on your Ford Mustang modification achievement?  One note of praise might be to have professional drivers declare and speak of its awesomeness.  That’s just what happened when Jack Roush turned his NASCAR Sprint Cup & Nationwide Series drivers loose with the keys to a fleet of 2010 ROUSH 427R Mustangs.  The scene of the crime?  Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Jack Roush & Carl Edwards scoping the 427R

The drivers on-site for the ROUSH ripping session were Colin Braun, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, David Ragan, Carl Edwards, and Matt Kenseth.  The comments and reviews by all were unanimous: the 427R is nimble, loaded with power, handled like a dream, and braked like a true race car.

If you’re interested in the full story, head over to the Roush Performance blog to get the direct driver quotes & more details.

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