S197 Ford Mustang extended ball joints

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S197 extended ball joints by J&M

The latest suspension offering for the S197 Ford Mustang is a set of extended ball joints manufactured by J&M Products and Ingalls Engineering.  These high-quality components have several advantages for Mustangs riding along at heights lower than stock.  J&M’s overall goal is to raise the roll center of the car back up after the lowering springs have been fitted and installed.  Keep reading to see all the features and pricing on this latest aftermarket offering by J&M.

Raising the roll center makes for a great improvement in handling by reducing body roll, brake dive, and increased front tire contact patch without the need of increasing spring rate or roll bar stiffness.


  • Improves braking and vehicle control
  • Better handling for more stable & predictable cornering
  • Better suspension geometry
  • Larger tire contact patch under cornering and braking

Although not required, but due to the change in bumpsteer, J&M highly recommends the use of a bumpsteer kit with these extended ball joints.

This pair of extended ball joints for the S197 Ford Mustang runs under a part number of 84216-0, fits the 2005 through 2010 Mustang, and retails for $129.95.

18″ wheels are required for clearance

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