AmericanMuscle & BamaChips unite for tuning terror

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What do you get when you combine two of the most popular contributors in the late-model Ford Mustang aftermarket?  Pristine products and great pricing.  A recent partnership between popular Mustang aftermarket outfitter AmericanMuscle and reputable tuning shop BamaChips has resulted in a large-scale assault on the Mustang tuning fan base.  The resulting entity from this symbiosis, dubbed Bama Custom Tuning, operates from within the AmericanMuscle facilities, working to distribute renowned custom tunes coupled with reputed customer service.

So what does  a Mustang fan really get for his or her buck under this new operation?  Free precision custom tunes for life–backed up by a crew with over 25 years of tuning expertise.  This “free custom tunes for life” program is also bolstered by free shipping!

“I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to work with AmericanMuscle’s organization,” said Doug Studdard, founder and President of BamaChips  at a recent visit to AM’s corporate headquarters. “It’s really energizing to focus BamaChips’ technical expertise on performance oriented Mustang enthusiasts who appreciate the added power that a custom tune can bring to their cars.”

“This is a win-win for our loyal customers,” explained Steve Voudouris, President of AmericanMuscle. “They get the benefit of Bama’s years of experience in custom tuning, coupled with the highest standard of customer service that separates AmericanMuscle from the rest of the industry. This partnership pushes both of our organizations to the next logical level.”

Also joining the Bama Custom Tuning team at the AmericanMuscle complex is an unmatched team of industry professionals, led by Mike Wilson, who alone taps over ten years of tuning experience.  Mike was one of the initial techs to be involved deeply with SCT tuners and has created custom tunes for Super Snakes after their original build from Shelby American.

An on-site dyno, state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery, and of course, the expert crew are all on hand to get the customers across the country exactly what they want.  Additionally, SCT Performance LLC representatives work very closely with the team so that the best quality tunes are produced from SCT’s hardware.

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