2010 Steeda Stampede North recap

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1st Annual Steeda Stampede - North

About a month ago, the first annual Steeda Stampede of Valdosta stormed the South Georgia Motosports Park with some serious Ford Mustang racing and show.  Each fall, an event dubbed the Steeda Stampede is held in Florida, so this time around, the Steeda folks decided to double the fun in 2010 and have a spring event as well.  Judging upon the huge success of this initial event, it’s sure to be a repeat affair come next year.

1st Annual Steeda Stampede - North

The Steeda Mustang fans in attendance started with a tour of the new Steeda Valdosta facility and then took upon a 30 mile stampede up to the Motorsports Park for some serious heads-up drag racing action!  Prior to the cruise-in on Saturday, however, several hardcore fans gathered at the local Valdosta Buffalo Wild Wings for some good food, fun and loyalist camaraderie.  It’s a good thing everyone was pumped for the event, because it nearly got nipped because of a freak South Georgie snowfall–a first in over 20 years.  It scared away the meek; the mightiest Mustang fans remained to continue on with the show.

On Saturday, the southern sky was full of sun and quickly laid waste to the insult that was snow, and the Steeda fans were excited to get on with the action.  After chowing down on a catered breakfast by the local Chick-Fil-A, everyone got to jet through the Valdosta facility in detail, checking out Steeda’s Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Warehousing, and Distribution operations.  Add to the tour a fresh display of Steeda Ford Mustangs (the new 2010 Steeda Q Series and the Steeda Q650R competition racer) and you’ve got everyone geared up & ready to go tear up the track!  In addition to the Mustangs on display, Steeda also showed off their new Steeda/Ford Racing 2011 Ford Fiesta; a hot little tuner indeed!

The weather back at the track was cool, the sun was warm, and the track was dry, so the resulting excitement by this time had boiled to a head.  First drag racing rounds were done via the Christmas Tree, with secondary rounds leaving only the staging lights visible.  Taking it a step further later on, several lovely ladies from the local Hooters became the official starters of every single drag race.  What’s not to like?  Hot Mustangs, hot ladies, and the smell of burning rubber to waste away the day.  Sounds good to us!

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