Updated: It’s BAAA-AAACK! The return of the Cobra R

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Wow!  Just when we thought the 2011 Ford Mustang lineup couldn’t get any better, the Cobra R model looks like it is slated for an official return to the SVT stable.  This leaked press kit photo from what appears to be Venice, California shows what looks to be one of the most unique & incredible 2nd-gen S197 Mustangs we’ve seen to date.  From its audacious rear wing to its venomous front fascia, this Ford Mustang has definitely got the makings for a race-ready track terror.  There is little doubt the  1993, 1995, and 2000 Cobra R models will welcome this latest creation with open arms as one of the few & true Spartan race cars ever produced.  Keep reading for more of a break down and a close-up shot.


Upon closer examination, we can see the power-scoop hood, an R-styled front spoiler, Cobra R side skirts, and the infamous rear Cobra R wing (an honorable tribute to the ’00 R model).  Take a bit longer to study, and you’ll see what looks to be a pair of competition racing seats up front and also note the entire interior is wrapped in a track-approved roll cage.  Rounding out this 2011 Cobra R looks to be a set of perhaps some 11 inch deep dish wheels in back and likely 9.5″ wheels in the front.  This.  Is.  Awesome!

From the outside, all we can see is styling and it leaves us with a lot of looming questions.  Since FoMoCo recently brought back the 5.0 for 2011, perhaps Ford & SVT aim to resurrect the 351ci a la Ti-VCT?  If that’s the case, what we have here could be a naturally aspirated Cobra set to produce at least 475hp!  Ford has already shown us they like to undercut their power plants, as they officially (under)rated the 5-oh at 412hp, so it’s no dramatic leap to imagine what the 5.8-liter could produce.

Check out the larger images below; behold what could be the next Cobra R Ford Mustang!

Full Size Images:


Guess most picked up on the April Fools joke that we presented, but we expected that given we released this on April 1st.  We hope you enjoyed the moment; we know we did. Some were fooled, some were fooled not long and others could just not believe it.  But most of us do agree that we wish it were true.  A new Cobra R is and always will be a good idea!  Thanks to Matt at Classic Design Concepts for helping us with the rendering of the 2011 Cobra R.  Be sure to check out there latest creation, the Mustang RTR, a CDC and Vaughn Gittin Jr venture.  Check out the before and after below.



Full Resolution Image here for those who want to see details and even make wallpaper goodies.

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