AmericanMuscle Mustang V6 Project Video Series

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What do you get when you start with a base Ford Mustang coupe in stock form and turn it over to AmericanMuscle (AM) & Swarr Auto?  You end up with a 2005 V6 Mustang that gets tweaked beyond imagination in order to see just how many horses the little sixer-equipped pony car can pump out.  The guys over at AM have compiled a series of videos to capture just what they’ve done in order to see where they start, what makes the biggest impact, and where they end up with this aftermarket project.  The first video in the series features Dave Kaeck (from AM) kicking things off at Swarr Auto with a baseline dyno run to get the raw numbers, plus a first look at the huge variety of parts being installed on the ’05 Legend Lime V6.

Hop on over to the AmericanMuscle blog site to see more of the video series covering this exciting new project!

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