Hurst performance packages available for the Ford Mustang

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After letting their latest Mustang Pace Car hit the track just days ago, Hurst Performance has decided to let loose a few goodies to flow into the aftermarket.  A nationwide distributor program will help Hurst Performance spread their latest “Hurst-Equipped” Kits which will apply to the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger.  Since the actual Hurst Pace Car is not slated for mass production, this is about as close to a Hurst special edition pony car as we can get.

These Hurst-Equipped packages are poised to enhance the personal & curb appeal of the Mustang (et al) by offering the Hurst touch via several means: a Hurst Shifter, Hurst Wheels (20×9 fronts & 20×10 rears), a Matte Black “AIR SPEED” rear wing, Hurst-Equipped badging, Hurst floor mats, and a Hurst windbreaker & cap via certificate redemption.  For the serious Hurst fans there is even more.  The Hurst Series 1 Kits allow a full-scale customization opportunity with Hurst/Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust, Hurst/ Eibach Pro Kit, Hurst Numbered Dash Plaque, Hurst Fender Decals, and BFG-KDW Tires.

So what do you think, Mustang fans?  Is there room in the aftermarket for yet another player?

Images by Drew Phillips Photography & Hurst Performance

Press Release

Mustang, Camaro and Challenger owners get opportunity to upgrade vehicles with Hurst-equipped packages

Pre-Existing Vehicle Owners Can Now Add Muscle With Complete Hurst Kits For the Performance-Minded Driver

Irvine, Calif. (April 27, 2010) – In conjunction with signing dealers nationwide with the Hurst Dealer Authorized program and creating a coast-to-coast network, Hurst Performance has launched its “Hurst-Equipped” Kits, allowing pre-existing Mustang, Camaro and Challenger owners to upgrade their vehicles with a complete line of high-performance and collectible Hurst components.

Hurst-Equipped packages allow enthusiasts to add to the collectability and style of their vehicles and upgrade their muscle cars with the Hurst touch. These packages include a Hurst Shifter, Hurst Wheels (2) 20”x9” fronts and (2) 20”x10”rears, a Matte Black finished ‘AIR SPEED” rear wing, HURST-EQUIPPED badges, Hurst Floor Mats and a certificate for a Hurst Windbreaker and Cap.

Hurst Equipped Package

For those enthusiasts who are interested in upgrading to higher performance, Hurst Series 1 Kits allow vehicle owners to upgrade from the inside out. Series 1 Kits include all of the above components in addition to a Hurst/Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust, Hurst/ Eibach Pro Kit, Hurst Numbered Dash Plaque, Hurst Fender Decals and BFG-KDW Tires.

Hurst Series 1 Kit

“At Hurst we are true enthusiasts and we understand that muscle car owners love to upgrade their cars and tune them to their personalized tastes,” said Hurst President and Chairman, Nate Shelton. “We’re excited to now offer a full line of Hurst product upgrades to these enthusiasts, in addition to our popular Hurst shifters.”

Hurst-Equipped Kits can be purchased from Hurst Performance Vehicles directly, or can be installed through Hurst-approved installation centers nationwide. To get a full list of Hurst Authorized Dealers and installation centers, or to purchase your kit directly, visit or call Hurst headquarters at (949) 261-5500.

About Hurst Performance

Founded in 1958, Hurst Performance is one of the most recognized and revered names in the automotive performance arena. The Hurst brand has long been synonymous with speed, performance and quality, with an impressive track-record of pioneering high performance products and vehicles for all forms of motorsports and hot-rodding. Hurst was one of the first specialty companies to partner with the OEMs and bring enthusiasts limited edition performance vehicles like the legendary Hurst/Olds. Hurst is currently signing Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet dealerships to participate in its “Dealer Authorized” program. For more information please visit

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