StangNet-endorsed Ford Mustang wins Forum Wars

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In case you have been living under a rock and missed it the first time around, we’re back to give you some closure on just how well the StangNet-powered Ford Mustang Shelby GT, piloted by Rob Krider, fared in the Royal Purple Forum Wars.  Well, the results are quite conclusive, and as you’ve guessed from the headline, StangNet came out on top of many different car enthusiast communities, with thanks to a solid performance machine found in the Shelby GT Mustang and a driver with skills solid enough to walk the talk.

The racing consisted of twenty competitors, paired up by horsepower, modifications, or simple street rivalries.  Then, the two adversaries tackled the 1/8 mile strip as well as a patterned road course to see whose car and skills were at the top of the game.

As the tale over at Jalopnik reads, many were surprised the Ford Mustang came out on top.  We weren’t.  Given the car is one of the most reliable, easy to drive, and quite common in many racing arenas, the surprise is what we’d say commonplace, put plainly.  It all boils down to how well the driver knows the car and how well the car has been equipped to handle what’s being thrown at it.  If the two are in sync, then a serious competitor (driver OR car) has to be in contention to overthrow a good balance of car & driver.

Like we say in the forums  a lot, “…the best mod is the driver mod.”  It holds true and was evident in this series.

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