EcoBoost Ford Mustang on the way

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Or at least that’s at least what hints, hopes, and rumors point toward in the upcoming years of the Ford Mustang.  We Mustang fans have to believe that something truly awesome will come on the eve of OR the year of the Mustang 50th Anniversary.  So much goodness has come out of Dearborn and the aftermarket these past few years, it’s gonna be hard to keep the inquiring minds at bay until the time comes…when rumor & speculation are laid to the wayside of truth.

This week a few more morsels were let loose from the bag of tricks within the FoMoCo compound.  One delicious morsel we heard of today was the fact Bill Ford Jr. let loose hints that we are quite likely to see a turbocharged Mustang in the very near future.  A reporter-for-the-scoop at Princeton posed a direct line to Ford Jr. during a Q&A session, mildly put, asking whether or not we’d soon see boost underneath a Mustang hood, powered by backpressure.  It seems we shall.

Now, what block would a set of spinning fins set upon?  The 3.5-liter V6?  The 2.0-liter I-4?  Oh, just when we thought we were getting ahead…

Source: Jalopnik

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