Steeda releases BOSS 302 induction pak for 5.0 Ford Mustang

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If you’ve gotten your hands on a new 2011 Ford Mustang GT lately, then you are no doubt enjoying a serious collection of horsepower.  So what if we told you that the aftermarket companies aren’t about to let you down in the modification department?  Right.  You’d not be surprised, moreover, pleased to know that Steeda Autosports, amidst the masses, has come up with a new performance induction kit for the latest installation of the 5.0-liter Ford Mustang.

This upgrade to the 2011 Mustang utilizes the BOSS 302 composite intake as the base, coupled with a tuned cold-air intake, and results in some marked performance improvements throughout the powerband.

Keep reading to check out the dyno video of the new Steeda intake on a 2011 5.0 and also see just what all is included in the easily-installed kit!

Steeda Newsclip

Are you ready for one of the best performance upgrades for your 2011 5.0L Mustang? The Steeda Autosports Skunk Works Team has been working feverishly on creating a new Ultimate Induction Pak that utilizes the Boss 302 composite intake as a key induction upgrade component along with our proprietary Pro Flow Cold Air Intake. Rather than marketing just a piecemeal solution, we have been burning the midnight oil, aggressively working on a performance package offering that provides a thoroughly engineered solution for both naturally aspirated and nitrous applications. Rest assured that the Steeda Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak is being extensively tested to deliver optimal performance for track, street, and dragstrip performance and to deliver the level of performance you have come to expect from Steeda Autosports.

While others in the industry will sell you the Boss intake and a tune created on only a dynamometer and then offer you “free tunes for life”, we have chosen to take a much more comprehensive and racer orientated approach by using the dyno as a baseline, then like we do with all of our performance parts, test all of the package components under severe racing conditions to make sure that complete induction system and tune delivers the level of optimum performance under all conditions you may encounter with your ride. Using advance data acquisition equipment and extensive “seat of the pants” knowledge we have gained by racing at the track and at the dragstrip for over 25 years, the Steeda Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak is just what the name implies – the ULTIMATE in naturally aspirated induction for the 5.0L powertrain.

The performance figures we have seen have just been amazing so far – especially at the upper RPM range where initial testing has shown tremendous power increases all the way to the redline. Track and dragstrip tests have also been extremely impressive – surpassing our own high expectations for this power package! For those that are incline to want a nitrous injection, we are also developing an integrated solution that is completely compatible with our induction system.

What are the specific power increases we have been able to attain with both the naturally aspirated and nitrous applications? Before we lay all of our cards down, it is important to know that we are still tweaking our Induction Pak under our ISO 9001-2008 certified procedures….and we were so impressed with the preliminary results that we have that we felt compelled to get the word out to you today that this is going to be one really hot performance ticket to have on your 5.0L Mustang. So look for an upcoming email in the very near future as well as news on for full details. It definitely will be worth waiting for!

Components included in the Steeda Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak for 5.0L engines will include:

Boss 302 Composite Intake
Steeda High Velocity Cold Air Intake with Cool Tube Technology
Steeda Performance Tune maximized for total system performance
SCT X3 Power Flash Tool for easy flashing operations
Comprehensive instructions for easy do-it-yourself installation

Steeda – Mastering Speed for over 23 Years

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