Built to Cruise Updates

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You probably are asking “Where are the Built to Cruise Updates?”  Well we are back with some updates for you.  We had been in a holding pattern for the last month waiting on major components and with only myself working on small components of the build.  The most exciting part of this update is we expect to have BTC up and running by the end of April.  I would stand to say that we will be 95% done then.  Patrick Lee from Classic Design Concepts is coming down to StangNet headquarters on the 18th and we are going to be doing some power building.  I have threatened to put up a web cam and send out a live video feed during the build process, a lot is going to be happening the week he is here.  Jump on in for all the juicy details on where we are at and what is to come this month!

We pretty much have all the major components here at our facility or they are in the pipeline to be here this month.  The only major part missing at this point is the power steering and hydro boost setup.  KRC has designed a bracket and water pump pulley to power their new power steering pump which will in turn power our systems, but they are waiting on the new pump to come out of production, which is expected to be around the end of this month.  Besides that, everything else is looking great!  Now on to the good stuff…

Complete Parts List can be Found HERE!

We teamed up with Ford Racing and Autometer to outfit our BTC project with a nice cluster setup.  We are using a Florida 5.0 custom gauge cluster painted body color to hold all our Ford Racing gauges.

Our rear brake and suspension setup is complete.  It consists of a new Ford Racing 8.8 axle housing and 3.73 gears, 5-lug axles, North Racecar caliper brackets, Ford Racing Cobra rear calipers, Power Slot 11.65″ rotors, Vogtland Springs,  J&M Weight Jacker Lower Control Arms, J&M Upper Arms, Koni Shocks, Steeda Sway bar, J&M Caliper Brake lines and Custom Tubes rear axle brake lines (both for 94-95 setup).

We modified our stock brake and clutch pedals to accept a set of 2010 pedal pads.  We had the dash out so it was not hard (but not easy) to remove the pedal arms.  We then ground on them a bit with a bench grinder to get a good shape.  We then slipped the covers over the pedal arms and then used some 2 stage epoxy to to fill in the gaps and hold the pads in place.  This will look great once we have the electronic pedal installed, which we have fabricated a bracket to hold the new pedal to the stock stud locations of the old cable pedal.  Details on that later as the parts are currently being CNC machined.

The font brakes and suspension are pretty much buttoned up.  We have the new J&M K-member installed cradling the new 5.0.  We used a pair of new Ford Racing FOX control arms (79-93) to hold the suspension together.  We used 94-04 Spindles and hubs to convert to 5-lug.  We also have J&M Caster Camber plates for alignment, a pair of Koni double adjustable struts, and a Maximum Motorsports coil over kit holding a set of Vogtland springs.  We also have used a Brembo Big Brake kit for our stopping power and have fitted them with a pair of Powerslot 13″ rotors too.  A Steeda front sway bar and Maximum Motorsports sway bar relocation kit (Coyote 5.0 alternator creates clearance issue) ties it all together.

We installed a set of Late Model Restoration’s Ultra Clear headlights for the FOX.  We were against using any of the one piece light kits as they just look too modern for this car.  We put a little labor love on these too…  we painted the back sides of the parking lamps black because they can be seen which will be ‘a lot’ since the hood plans to be up to show off the motor.  We also ground down the bulging access glue where the seems are made on the bottom of the lights to give a nice straight line.  Maybe a little over kill; but perfection is perfection.

The TMI Interior kit has arrived. TMI worked with us on creating a custom look for us be installing silver Mach1 stripes in the leather seats and a silver stripe on the door panels.  We also got from them new front seat foam, headrest covers, visors and a headliner kit they are now making for the coupe.

The AGR power steering rack is installed and ready.  We have converted the car over to Hyrdo Boost and will be running the plumbing as soon as the KRC pump setup comes in. (we know you are eyeing that ATV :P)

Here you can see on the backside of the strut tower where we have set up the fuel regulator and the Ford Racing brake proportioning valve.  We have converted all the fittings over to AN style for the fuel system. We have maintained the underbody stock fuel lines and cut them off in the wheel well and have installed some AN tube nuts which attach to AN fuel hoses going to the regulator.  From there we will run a High Flow Fuel line and connect to the 5.0 fuel rail with a Fragola quick connector.  The pump powering the fuel system is a High Flow Fuel 255LPH In-tank pump which should be fine running the engine in it’s current configuration.

One of the unique styling cues in the Built to Cruise project is the new Classic Design Concepts FOX Grill Eliminator kit that we helped them design.  This part is now an actual production part you can get from CDC.

That gives you a quick overview of where we are at and where we are heading.  There are a lot of hours in the smaller details but this project is so big that hitting the highlights is the best way we feel we can keep you updated.  It’s going to get really crazy in the next 3 weeks so stay tuned.  Watch for a live web cam to go up to let you guys peak in on the progress as we get near completion.

We also want to give a special shout out to all of our sponsors for helping us with this project, and a special one to Ford Racing for making this project a reality.  For the complete and up to date parts list and sponsors of the Built to Cruise project, please go here… we must warn you though, it’s a parts list that is EPIC!

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