Excess Ford Mustang stock flattens Ford’s Flat Rock facilities

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What happens when supply exceeds demand?  Right.  The new Ford Mustang is suffering somewhat.  Many horses are in need of good homes and Ford’s positioned to put some greenbacks and other incentives behind the deal to sweeten the pot.  It’s no secret contemporary times are questionable at best, so as a result, the Mustang GT and Mustang V6 aren’t moving as quickly as one might have forecast when the economy started to pick up late last year / earlier this year.

With almost double the amount of carrying inventory on-hand, Ford will be pushing its 116-day supply of Mustangs out to the marketplace with enticements, which is good for consumers…but isn’t exactly good times for the workers who assemble the Legend at the Flat Rock, Michigan manufacturing plant.  The facility will be closed up this week in order to work off the overstock and there’s no solid word when Ford plans to re-open the plant.  Major bummer for these folks, here.

The final drag in this glut of Mustangs needing moved out is the the limited production Boss 302 Mustang and its big-brother, the Laguna Seca limited edition Boss 302 Mustang are not included in the incentives-to-move.  Too bad, because some of these hot Boss Mustang specimens have been spotted at dealerships with stickers over $100,000.  That’s crazy; but somehow, worth every penny.

Let’s hope the Mustangs move fast, for these hard-working folks’ sake.  Time will tell…

Source: TheCarConnection

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