SMS Supercars to launch white yellow and black label Mustangs

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SMS Supercars will shift its focus a bit on the 2012 Mustang lineup, offering 3 different color labels, much like one might find when sniffing after fine spirits.  The introductory White Label Mustang will incorporate some simple touches to that of the Mustang GT and will post a price of $35,540.  Upgrade from White and move on to the Yellow Label and there’s a bit more to play with: the SMS supercharger setup (takes the car to 545hp) and a set of SMS-styled 19″ wheels ‘n rubber.  The top-end moniker to cap it all off is the Black Label SMS Mustang.  It takes the title of leader with its optional 575hp supercharged power plant, a total suspension redo, a complete SMS body kit, and lots of leather to boot.  The price tag set here is $48,000 for the n/a version and $58K for the supercharged monster Mustang.

Be sure to check out more in the official SMS Supercars Press Release that follows.

Press Release

Steve Saleen’s SMS Supercars increases vehicle production with the release of the SMS 302 White, Yellow and Black Label Mustangs. The expanded model lines are a tribute to his racing heritage colors, marketed under the White, Yellow, and Black Labels.

The SMS 302 White Label is normally aspirated, making 440 horsepower, with performance suspension, exhaust, interior ergonomics and exterior styling.

These factory assembled vehicles represent a volume expansion. SMS Dealers are enthusiastic with the release of these new model lines supporting increased production and sales. SMS Supercars is pleased to announce a MSRP of $35,540 (plus transportation, tax, title, registration) for this 440 horsepower normally aspirated vehicle; the White Label SMS 302 representing an astounding price for a complete high performance vehicle.

The SMS 302 Yellow Label, making 545 horsepower, has all of the White Label attributes plus a supercharger and SMS 19″ wheel/tire assemblies. SMS Supercars dealers once again, capitalizing on consumer interest and increased volumes, are thrilled to have a supercharged car of this value. The MSRP of this 545 horsepower SMS 302 Yellow Label is $45,540 (plus transportation, tax, title, registration). Nowhere else is the consumer able to achieve the performance and value SMS Supercar offers.

Steve Saleen’s SMS Supercars continues to offer the ultimate, vehicle manufactured and marketed as Black Label models. These continue to be his ultimate performance / lifestyle vehicles consisting of advanced aerodynamic body components, his S4 suspension, SMS leather interior, 575 horsepower, and many other features and options. Consumers desiring a truly unique vehicle may order custom paint resulting in a vehicle which most often is one of a kind while still maintaining assembly line uniformity. All of the SMS Supercars receive SMS Serialization and are identified in the Steve Saleen SMS Registry.

“I wanted to produce the finest vehicles in keeping with my performance and lifestyle philosophy and succeeded with the previously released top of the line SMS vehicles. Like many consumers and enthusiasts, I recognize the economic challenges facing us and want to provide additional choices, well within the purchase consideration of a very wide range of buyers” stated Steve Saleen. SMS Supercars is able to present many of their top of the line Black Label vehicle components and engineering knowledge in these new White and Yellow Label models.

The differences SMS vehicles present are dramatic. Noticeable responsiveness in acceleration, vehicle turn-in, along with lateral transitions, is realized along with the exhaust note, further signifying this is a very exciting vehicle to own and drive.

SMS Supercars is proud to offer these two new models, the SMS 302 White Label and SMS 302 Yellow Label, in addition to our ongoing production of ultimate Top of the Line SMS 302 Black Label vehicles.
Source: SMS Supercars via Autoblog

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