BBK Headers for Fox 2011 5.0 Engine Swap

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If you have been wondering just how in the heck we managed to get a 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 into a Fox body Mustang with great form sans hacks, well, we’re here to tell about one great feat by a featured aftermarket player which helped make it happen.  BBK worked very closely with us to get the form, fitment, and function absolutely perfect.  If you haven’t already checked out the video we posted over the weekend, then you’re missing out!  It was the first crank-up of Built to Cruise, EVER!  We were completely stoked to see all the hard work by all come into play.

The end game of this note to everyone is to let it be known that StangNet and BBK have worked with great concern for detail on making this swap something that can be done in the future by anyone, anytime, with the will to make it happen.  We’ve taking on the burden of growing pains & lots of documentation so the entire aftermarket doesn’t have to!

Keep reading to get all the specs & notes, directly from BBK.

BBK Coyote Swap Headers and X- Pipe Statement

Here are some pictures of the new Coyote Swap Headers and X-pipe  from BBK Performance. They are offered in chrome finish (#1634, $569.99) or polished ceramic (#16340, $749.99).  Stainless versions may be offered in the future.  A matching 3” X-pipe is also available. Off Road (#1787, 249.99) Catted (#1786, $479.99)

These headers are for the installation of the 2011 Ford 5.0L Coyote engine with a standard trans into the Fox Body and SN95 Mustangs. The X pipe positions the outlets in the same location as stock for connection to any stock style cat back system (note the ball exits are 3″).

Since the Mustang was the base of this company, when the opportunity arose to develop these headers, BBK was more than willing to jump onboard. We can see the current and future need and market for a set of headers covering this swap.

Knowing these headers would be purchased by serious enthusiasts and the tuning of the engines would be standard practice, we tried to go a step further and we provided an extra O2 sensor port in the driver side collector for the connection of a wideband monitor.

The headers come with the needed hardware, gaskets and O2 sensor wire extensions.

They are available at Note:  To install these headers we highly suggest cradling the motor with a support strap/lift and removing the K-member from underneath and then installing the headers while the engine is suspended.  Then reinstall the K-member.  This wiill prevent cussing!

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