Built to Cruise – Hitting the Home Stretch

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We wanted to post an update on the build status of the Built to Cruise project.  We have accomplished a lot over the last 2 weeks.  We had some serious build time last week pulling some 17 hour days.  Patrick from Classic Design Concepts flew down to give us a hand with some electronics and fabrication.  He has been a good friend for a long time and boy did we get some stuff accomplished!  Currently we are waiting on the solution for power steering, there are some options, we just need to choose.  We hope to have BTC up and running on the street in about 3 weeks.  Jump on in for some serious pictures and specs.

Engine Setup
We are pretty much done with the install of the Coyote 5.0 engine and have fired and ran the engine.

Here is the setup:

Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 Engine
Stock Intake Setup
NEW BBK 2011 5.0 Fox Swap Headers (will fit FOX and SN95 Mustangs)
NEW BBK 2011 5.0 FOX Swap X-Pipe with High Flow Cats
Modified BBK 2011 GT 5.0 Cold Air Intake (we shortened the MAF side tube by 2” and removed the ‘sound’ plug as we are not sending tubing to the cockpit and painted it to match body color.

Turbo Hoses 22 degree sleeve for the cold air kit which turned down the pipe from the stock throttle body and allowed us to clear a FOX stock hood.

High Flow Fuel 255LPH In-Tank fuel pump with stock body lines and AN fittings and lines from there to a Professional Products Fuel Regulator and then to the Fuel Rail.

Mishimoto Radiator and Electric Fans
Canton Overflow tank
2011 Stock Radiator Hoses

Ford Racing Control Pak – PCM Mounted in fenderwell passenger side. Fuse box under kick panel passenger side. Ignition & Starter lines are connected to the ISIS 3-Cell starter kit (more details below). Fuel Pump connection goes straight to fuel pump.

Custom Pedal Mount – We made a pedal bracket to allow the Ford Racing Control Pak Electronic Throttle mount to the stock location of the FOX Gas pedal. This was CNC’d in aluminum and we may later provide this product for sale. We also modified the stock brake and clutch pedal to accept the 2011 billet pads to give it a modern look and feel.

Drivetrain Setup

Tremec TKO 500 Tranny
Ford Racing Tremec Bellhousing (the 4.6 bellhousing style).
MGW TKO Short Throw Shifter and Handle and 5 speed Rally striped shifter ball
RAM Clutch, Pressure Plate and Flywheel
Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
Ford Racing 8.8 Rear Axle with 3.73 gears


Front – Big Brembo Brake Kit 13” rotors mated to Powerslot rotors
Rear – Cobra Rear Calipers mated to Powerslot 11.65” rotors
Hydro Boost Master Cylinder
J&M Stainless Steel Brake Lines including their new 5-lug conversion front lines that allow use of stock fittings for the conversion.
Classic Tube 94-95 Mustang Rear Axle brake tube lines for the 5-lug conversion – this allows use of the FOX 3 way T over the axle and direct fit out to the calipers with J&M 94-95 Cobra brake lines.
North Racecars Caliper plates – allow mounting of the Cobra calipers and keep FOX track width.
86 or earlier gutted proportioning valve. This allowed the 2 port in from the Hydro Boost and a 3 port out to the 2 fronts and one rear which is controlled by a Ford Racing proportioning valve.


J&M New 5.0/4.6L K-Member – This K-member allowed fitment of the new coyote as the new oil pan on the engine will not clear a stock K-member and many other aftermarket K-members.
Ford Racing FOX Control Arms
94-04 Front Spindles
Koni Double Adj. Struts
J&M Caster Camber Plates
Vogtland Coil Over Springs (300#)
Maximum Motorsports Coil Over Sleeve Kit
Steeda Front Sway Bar
MM Sway Bar relocation kit – this allows us to clear the alternator on the new 5.0

J&M Lower Control Arm Weight Jackers – This allows us to set the rear height
J&M HD Upper Control Arms
Vogtland Rear Springs
Koni Adj. Shocks
Steeda Rear Sway Bar

Power Management

ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System
Optima Battery

The ISIS system allowed us to remove the stock wiring harness and all the various relays and components thus removing the clutter of unused wiring and also made it easier to tie the entire system together with the new 5.0 engine without having to figure out how to make the stock system work correctly with the new engine. We are using the 3-cell kit which consists of a Master cell in the dash area and a power cell located in the trunk and one in the engine bay. On our dash all our switch now send a ground signal to the master cell which in turn sends a data message to the power cells and caused something to happen.. like crank the car, turn on the headlights, lock the doors, etc. Along with this change we gain a lot of modern features.

True push to start – We got a Ford GT push to start button and when we depress the momentary switch, it tells the ISIS system to turn on the ignition which is connected to the Ford Control Pak and then we hold the button and it sends a signal to it as well to turn over the starter. When the engine cranks, we release the button and the ignition remains on and the car is running. To turn the car off we depress the button again and ISIS tells the control pak to turn off the car.

It also comes with a key fob. With this we can turn on security (lock) the car and the car will not start and cannot be hot wired. We can also control the headlights, the door locks, windows and anything else we desire with the key fob.

This is a major upgrade for an older car and ISIS will give it modern features. Installation is not that difficult. ISIS comes pre-programmed for all the standard features you will need, like headlights (soft start is cool), turn signals, backup light, ignition, starter, etc. To find all the stock wiring labels and functions we are using a Chiltons book.

You are only really limited with your imagination on what you want it to do. We are dreaming up what we will do with the stock steering wheel cruise control buttons. Maybe make it the horn, or a headlight flasher to get people to move out of the way! We will for sure make one the trunk pop to show off the ISIS powercell and Kicker setup.


Kicker Audio Setup

Front – Kicker Qs65.2 6.5” Speakers
Rear Deck – Kicker Rs60.2 6.5” Speakers
Sub – Kicker L7 10” Sub
HeadUnit – Kenwood KDC-X995 CD Receiver
Sub – Kicker L7 10″
Amp – Kicker ZX700.5

Thanks to Patrick we now have custom door speaker panels holding Kicker 6.5” component speakers, a custom rear deck panel holding some more 6.5” component speakers and a tricked out trunk compartment showcasing the Kicker L7 10” sub and all the electronics of the car including the ISIS rear power cell, Kicker Amp and Crossovers, and the Optima battery and our custom built power distribution panel.

We now just have some wiring to do of the Amps and all the ISIS components like headlights, taillights, etc. The only hold up at this point is the power steering setup which also powers the brakes, solutions are in the works and we hope to have BTC on the streets in about 2 weeks.

Stay tuned!

Ford Racing Parts www.fordracingparts.com
ISIS Power www.isispower.com
BBK Performance www.bbkperformance.com
High Flow Performance www.highflowfuel.com
Mishimoto – www.mishimoto.com
MGW Shifters – www.mgwltd.com
RAM Clutches – www.ramclutches.com
J&M Suspension – www.hotpart.com
Vogtland Springs – www.vogtland-na.com
Steeda Autosports – www.steeda.com
OPTIMA Batteries – www.optimabatteries.com
Kicker Audio – www.kicker.com

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