MRT unveils 2012 Boss 302 GT/CS front splitter

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MRT 2010-12 Boss 302, GT and C/S Front Splitter

If you haven’t already grabbed hold of your late-model 2010 Mustang, 2011 Mustang, or 2012 Mustang and started tweaking the appliqué, then MRT is ready to help you get started with one of the most attractively popular Mustang body parts currently on the (after)market.  The newest piece out by MRT is the Front Splitter for he 2010 – 2012 Mustang Boss 302, Mustang GT, and the Mustang California Special Edition.  Designed and crafted with the end in mind, the MRT Front Splitter is formed from ABS plastic and utilizes Stainless Steel turnbuckles for a truly functional-form in racing appearance.  There’s no painting required, so don’t sweat it if you are worried about finishing something that is likely going to catch its fair share of scuffs in the corners.

Keep reading to get the rest of the details in the PR from MRT.

Press Release

MRT Announces 2010-12 Mustang Boss 302 GT/CS Front Splitter

Plymouth Michigan- MRT is proud to announce their new Front Splitter for 2010-2012 Mustang Boss 302, Mustang GT and the Mustang California Special Edition. At the beginning of the design process, MRT engineers set out to create the best possible Splitter for the 2010-12 Mustang on the aftermarket. Engineered and constructed at the MRT facility in Plymouth, Michigan, like all the MRT products, the race-inspired MRT front splitter provides owners of these Mustang models with an aggressive, intimidating, purposeful, aerodynamic stance.

The MRT engineers demanded precise fit and stunning appearance we they engineered the Front Splitter. They also wanted the product to be easy for Mustang owners to install and created the Front Splitter. The MRT Front Splitter fits the 2012 Boss 302 as well as 2010-12 California Specials without any additional pieces. The 2010-12 Mustang GT front facia can be adapted to accommodate the MRT Front Splitter. The Mustang GT requires the MRT GT conversation kit.

The MRT Front Splitter is built to last with ABS plastic construction and Stainless Steel turnbuckles that resist rust and secure the Splitter to the front facia for an authentic, race-inspired appearance.

The MRT Front Splitter does not require paint. Installation varies slightly depending on the Mustang model. The Boss 302 is a direct fit and does not require drilling, while the California Special Splitter holes are predrilled to provide a template for creating attachment points.

MRT is an aftermarket engineering, customization and sales company based in Plymouth, Michigan that specializes in automotive exhaust, styling and performance. MRT LLC offers installation, fabrication and custom paint services.
Contact MRT 734-455-5807

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