Marti Auto Works radiator hose set for 1970 small-block Mustang

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Marti Auto Works radiator hose set for 1970 small block Mustang and Cougars

Classic Ford Mustang restoration processes these days generally go very well and with fantastic results, as there are so many aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers on the field to help Mustang fans with their dreams.  Well, there’s another key player in the ring offering a direct replacement radiator hose set for any 1970 Mustang / Cougar equipped with the 302ci and 351ci (both Cleveland & Windsor) power plants.  What’s the big  deal here, you might say?  Until now, no one has produced a replacement lower radiator hose with exemplary factory fitment.

Marti Auto Works has come up with a batch of these SAE compliant which match every bend and include original double-wire clamps stapled to the hose, just like they were off the assembly line.  One more thing–Marti Auto Works, an official Ford licensee, is the only existing aftermarket player offering hoses with all these features.

Keep reading to get more details on this hose kit in the Press Release following.

Press Release

Marti Auto Works Announces New 1970 Mustang and Cougar Radiator Hose Set

El Mirage, Arizona- Marti Auto Works is proud to announce a direct replacement radiator hose set for all small block 1970 Mustangs and Cougars, which includes the Boss 302, 351 Cleveland and 351Windsor engines.

Amazingly since 1970 when they were introduced, there has never been a replacement lower radiator hose that fit like a factory production hose…until NOW. Marti Auto Works has commissioned a special run of these hoses made by the original OEM manufacturer to the latest SAE standards. The hoses feature the correct bends and come with the original double wire clamps stapled to the hose with the correct orientation as was done on the original assembly line hoses. Only The Marti Auto Works, a Ford licensee, offers hoses that have all these features. The correct part numbers and logo are stamped with the original font size and style to exactly match the original Autolite hoses installed on 1970 Ford small block engines.

“Other manufacturers use a generic ‘one size fits all’ number,’ explained Kevin Marti, Marti Auto Works President. “ Only our sets are made specifically for the exact year and engine. Generic hoses are not a perfect fit and can over time make contact with the power steering belt and fail.” Marti concluded.

Marti Auto Works has provided the finest quality restoration products that meet or exceed original design specifications at auto supply prices including Marti Reports, door data plates, belts, hoses, stripe kits, spark plug wires and battery cables as well as the new, expanded 1979-1986 Marti Reports for over 28 years.

Contact: Marti Auto Works 623-935-2558 www.

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