LRS 1979-93 Ford Mustang water pump & timing cover hardware kit

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Tired of looking around for Ford Mustang hardware that just doesn’t seem to make the cut when perfection is the end game?  Whether you’re tearing down or building up your 5.0L or 5.8L Ford power plant(s), you’re sure to come to the realization there are some rare parts indeed; at least rare quality parts.  Time and again, the aftermarket has been going crazy, requesting timing cover and water pump studs for the FOX-body Ford Mustang.

Guess what…ok, you already read the headline.  LateModelRestoration (LRS) has the answer here, everyone!  This kit by LRS was produced exclusively by ARP, so you know you’re dealing with a no-BS arrangement, for sure.

We’ve got a lot more details from LRS, so keep reading to see how this kit can save you some time & pain in your FOX Mustang project(s).

Product Description

We have heard the cries for many years. “We need Timing Cover & Water Pump Studs & Bolts for our Mustangs!” Despair no more. This 1979-1993 Mustang 5.0L & 5.8L Water Pump & Timing Cover Hardware Kit is manufactured by ARP exclusively for Latemodel Restoration.

The Studs, Bolts, & Nuts are made from ARP 8740 chrome moly steel & are nominally rated at a 180,000psi tensile strength – a fair margin sturdier than standard Grade 8 hardware & significantly stronger than the factory pieces. Plus, they are Black Oxide coated for corrosion resistance.

This Timing Cover & Water Pump Hardware Kit includes the needed studs & bolts to attach the timing cover to the block, & the water pump to the timing cover along with the nuts to retain the A/C & power steering bracket & the nut for the rear smog pump brace on your 1979-1993 Mustang 5.0L or 5.8L.


  • Direct replacement for original bolts & studs used for the water pump & timing cover on 1979-93 5.0L Mustang
  • The last set you’ll need to buy


  • Made by ARP Exclusively for Latemodel Restoration
  • 180,000 psi tensile strength
  • Black Oxide coating

What’s in the box?

(1) Long Water Pump Stud
(1) Medium Water Pump Stud
(2) Short Water Pump Studs
(3) Accessory Bracket Nuts
(2) Long Water Pump Bolts
(1) Short Water Pump Bolt
(1) Timing Cover Stud
(1) Timing Cover Nut
(3) Long Timing Cover Bolts
(2) Short Timing Cover Bolts

Source: LateModelRestoration

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