Ford Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car

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Have you gotten all of the Christmas shopping done for that special Ford Mustang fan in your life?  If not, we are here to let you upon a fantastic gift idea which captures the stuff of automobile legends.  This gift idea is a book–and not just any bind of pages, mind you; it’s one which capitulates the awesomeness that is the Boss 302 Mustang.  Its triumphant return has brought upon a myriad of awards, accolades, and huge grins the world over.  The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 brings a whole host of nostalgic greatness and at the same time, pushes today’s technological envelope. So just what are the ties that bind? How much is known about the Boss by the general Ford Mustang fan base? If you think you know it all, you’ll quickly be humbled when you crack the cover of this fantastic book.

Of course, you can read the title of this blog…and rightly so, it’s in place to give kudos to the book itself.  If you haven’t already thought about picking up Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car by Donald Farr, then you had best be clicking “add to cart” very soon or hitting up your local Borders Barnes & Noble bookseller to get your very own.

Back in June, the entire StangNet crew was in Tulsa, OK, with the Built to Cruise project car for the Mid-America Team Shelby Meet and none other than Mr. Donald Farr himself was in attendance for the showing, track times, and banquet.  Mr. Farr has been a blue blood from the time he could turn a key…and has seen the rise, setting, and eventual (today’s) resurrection of the Boss 302.  Back in Tulsa, Donald was even publicly recognized by Ford Mustang brand manages with a lifetime achievement award for his tenured service of relentlessly covering the industry.

This “Boss Bible” (if you will) is over 150 pages of hardcover-bound Ford Mustang goodness, covering all things Boss from birth to death to contemporary resurrection.  The book is very well orchestrated, easy to digest, and of course, is laden with glossy pages of eye candy & hot intel on the Boss Mustang and pretty much anything you could ever, ever, ever want to know about this Ford Mustang racing legend.

Intrigued yet?  You’d better be!  We already have our copies, so you betterget this one delivered soon–it’s sure to sell out quickly!

Happy Holidays!

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