2011 Ford Mustang GT takes flight

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Ever thought about how a Ford Mustang would turn out from a free fall?  Would it nail the dismount?  What’s the chance this pony car might land on its feet?  Actually, the chances here are pretty good for both…albeit serious damage ensued shortly after the 2011 Mustang GT took flight.

Across the pond in Lugano, Switzerland, the owner of this 2011 Mustang GT mistakenly drove off the 3rd floor of a parking garage, ending the life of his trusty steed.  By the misfortune of selecting 1st gear instead of reverse, he promptly propelled the 2011 Mustang through the concrete barrier, landing down below after a few rotations.

The craziest part about this happening, more so than the carnage of the new Mustang GT, was the fact the driver’s mistake didn’t cost him his life.  Rather, he made it out of this accident with only minor injuries…and only monetary costs instead of something more dear.  The only casualty here is the Mustang itself, some unfortunate scooters, and the nearby landscape and street structures.

Source: MustangHeaven

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