New Ford Mustang magazine now in circulation

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Every Ford Mustang fan loves to gawk at pony car eye candy and read up on the latest projects, aftermarket goodies, and tech filled write-ups…it’s a given.  Now, there’s another slick media channel for keeping up with exclusive Fox body Ford Mustang intel.   Fox Mustang Magazine has a 100-page per issue Fox body magazine ready to go, full of not-your-regular-Mustang-chatter and promises a “very nice, deluxe magazine like you’d take home to Momma”.  The modus operandi here for these guys is to produce a periodical that isn’t for the 1500hp twin turbo trailer queen Fox body, necessarily.  It’s for the everyday Ford Mustang fan in love with the Fox platform, seeking to tweak, tune, and simply be down to earth in concept.

Head over to the Fox Mustang Magazine site (link above) to check out their online tour & sneak peek.  We’re pretty excited about this, so keep your eyes open for this one, folks!

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