2015 Mustang speculated and rendered…again

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It’s getting closer, Ford Mustang fans.  The time when we finally find out if Ford will truly ditch the retrograde look on the 2015 Mustang and lean toward a more Euro, chic look is inching nearer by the day.  The 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, in the 2015 model year, is going to be a seriously awesome event.  Very few cars on the motorways can raise notice for being in contiguous production for 50 years; that’s a feat, no matter how it’s sliced.  What we do know presently, is that Ford has buzzed the 2015 Mustang is going to be a “world car”–perhaps set at capitalizing further upon a more global scene…or maybe taking design and styling cues from world-class automobiles from today?  Hard to surmise for sure.

The recent Ford Evos concept was said to be foretelling of the 2015 Mustang future.  While nothing concrete has confirmed this fact, we don’t think it’s any coincidence Ford is teasing out ideas to gauge what the marketplace could or would be willing to tolerate in a complete Mustang platform redesign.

Keep reading to see what InsideLine has to say on the “what could be” related to the forthcoming 2015 Mustang.

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Is this the 2015 Ford Mustang? Close to it, at least that’s what a Ford insider told us recently. Set to be released about two years from now on its 50th anniversary, the 2015 Mustang will be much closer to a “world car” than any Mustang before it.

What does that mean exactly? Well, obviously it means this Mustang will be exported to markets outside the U.S., but more importantly, it means that the next-generation Mustang will evolve into a performance car for varying tastes.

For one, it will be smaller in many ways. Most other markets prefer sports cars with a little less metal and a few more curves. That means a sleeker, less bulky Mustang that should weigh less and cheat the wind better. The Evos concept was a hint of that look, but we were assured that the current Mustang’s long hood/short deck proportions will remain along with several signature Mustang design cues like rear-quarter windows and triple-lens taillamps.

Another big change will arrive out back. After years of making the most of the Mustang’s straight axle rear end, the Mustang will finally move to an independent setup. This will go down much better with European customers who are used to the precise feel of fully independent rear suspension setups. It will still do just fine on the drag strip, though, along with improved manners at tracks with turns.

There will be less drastic changes under the hood as most of the current Mustang’s offerings will likely carryover, at least initially. Ford may eventually switch the Mustang’s base engine to a turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers better mileage and nearly the same horsepower as the current V6. From there, the current 5.0 V8 will remain in place so the Mustang’s performance credentials are in good hands.

Expect to see the official unveil of the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Source: InsideLine

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