2015 Ford Mustang to get IRS? Spy shots say maybe!

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Given the fact the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang is upcoming, everyone is eyed-wide, checking to see what the next rendition of the Mustang is going to look like and what’s going to be underhood as well as underneath. From what appears to be a recent test mule for the 2015 Mustang, spy shots are indicating one major change is a possibility it will have independent rear suspension (IRS). The Mustang has been a solid, straight-axle car forever and seeing this test mule out on the prowl with new underpinnings is quite intriguing, indeed.

Speculation hints that this is definitely a multilink setup that is comprised of aluminum control arms, aluminum knuckles, and an adjustable toe link–the photos obtained don’t offer any detail on the forward links, unfortunately. So, if this is what we will get in the 2015 Mustang model, then there will likely be mixed results…one side will decry the Mustang is betraying its proven track heritage, with the converse stance applauding the fact the Ford Mustang is actually moving forward in time. The problem with evolution, however, is someone has to foot the cost. IRS isn’t free, and let’s be honest, the current platform isn’t exactly lightweight. Maybe an entire platform redesign will help support the new underwear the Mustang will don? Too early to tell, so we just have to guess like the rest.

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