Video: Ford Mustang officially headed to Europe

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According to the Associated Press, it looks like the Ford Mustang is jet-set on making a European appearance on an Official basis.  Ford’s crowned pony car of nearly 50 years (forthcoming) will be a part of the 15 new or restyled vehicle fleet to launch in the Europe market.  This is pretty cool news for those Mustang fans across the pond, with a lot of serious excitement already brewing surrounding the 2015 Mustang debut…kind of a big deal, you know.

There’s not a lot of cool buzz to go along with this one, but just know that we’ll keep you posted on anything we hear about the 2015 Mustang in addition to this cool news about the Mustang in Europe.  Keep reading to see the news clip as well as a YouTube video clip about the Mustang’s official new stomping grounds.  Also, while you’re in the video mood, check out a few of our other videos in the StangNet video gallery!

News Release

Ford Unveils 15 Fresh Models For European Market

MILAN, September 2012 (AP) — Ford has unveiled 15 new or restyled vehicles for the European market that it will launch over five years to revive sales.

The refreshed lineup announced Thursday includes a second-generation Kuga midsize SUV to be launched this year, as well as a new Ecosport compact SUV and the European launch of the larger Edge. Ford also will launch the iconic Mustang in Europe.

Ford Europe CEO Stephen Odell said improvements in the “brutal” European market are not expected soon. Ford, he said, is increasing its investment in Europe to be ready when the market bounces back.

Ford forecasts that car sales in Europe, including Russia, will increase by 20 percent in the next five years.

Ford’s first-half European sales dropped 10 percent to 517,094 units, a 7.8 percent market share.

Source: NPR

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